Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New week, new foods

After a weekend of eating deliciously and feeling very extravagant having food prepared for me, we capped off our Sunday with our last meal from the week's dinner plans.

"Feak and Fauxtatoes"

I sauteed two gigantic portabello mushrooms with some wine and garlic which served as our "steaks".  For the mashed "potatoes" I ran a head of cauliflower through our processor with one small potato and five cloves of garlic.  You could probably leave out the potato but I wanted it to have a starchier texture than cauliflower alone can give.  I steamed the veggie mix for about 15 minutes with some water until softened and added some salt and pepper for seasoning. 

Indian Sloppy Joes

Friday night I made curried sloppy joes using chili powder, turmeric, ginger, and garam masala to flavor it.  Tasted amazing even if it looks like a bowl of goo.  The spices reminded me of chana masala from our favorite Indian restaurant. 

We ate really well last week.  The beet burgers were more time intensive than anything else I've made but if you make a big batch of lentils and rice at the beginning of the week, it cuts the time down considerably.  And those beet burgers were the most delicious recipe I've ever made.  And I hate beets.  What the what.

This week.......I bought everything for the dinner plans this week and spent $35.  And that included a little splurge.  How amazing is this dragon fruit?  I couldn't stop looking at it.

A fruit that beautiful should be paired with good tequila.  We've been watching too much Mad Men and fixing cocktails.  I added some club soda to the mix to make it fizzy. 

For $35 I bought the ingredients for...

Curried dal (red lentils, coconut milk)

Green Soup (edamame, mint, coconut based) with veggie paninis (inspired by a menu item at The Refinery last weekend)

Black Eyed Pea Salads (peas, veggies, spring mix)

Chana Masala (chick peas, tomatoes, spices)

Last weekend I started playing around with a mosquito repellent made with essential oils.  My friends really enjoyed being the guinea pigs for it.  Good news though, no funny rashes and hardly any mosquito bites.  I really wanted the bugs to not come anywhere near us but they continued to buzz around, just no biting where we'd applied the spray.  I can live with that.

Essential Oil Mosquito Repellent:
1/2 cup of water
one tbsp of aloe vera gel
one tsp of coriander seeds
20 drops of citronella
20 drops of peppermint
15 drops of clove
10 drops of cedarwood

Mix all into a spray bottle and shake before use.

This was also on my Summer Bucket List so bam! Another one bites the dust.  Pretty much all I'm left with is dog beach and camping.  Two weeks to go!

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  1. I agree at the dragonfruit! I tried it in Spain for the first time, where they have a whole market devoted to fresh fruit and sell it with spoons for you to enjoy on how days! I'm not a pink person, but it is the perfect shade of pink. And BTW, your blog gets me through my early mornings at work! and inspired me to eat more veggies! Thanks for the inspiration Rach! xx