Monday, July 8, 2013

Cross em off cross em off.

Sweet sweet summer.

We had a beautiful few days on the Gulf at Sunset Beach soaking up sunshine and playing in the rain.  We had decided to walk to the firework display and not take our phones because of the looming rain clouds.

 I felt left out being the only girl on Instagram without a celebratory firework photo.  Welp, life goes on.  And it was kind of fun to get rained on.

Gulf beaches are my favorite.  Warm water, white sand, and some shade from looming trees.

We couldn't decide what we were hungry for so, tortilla chips, onion dip, raspberries, salsa, queso, and oreos seemed good.
Tackled some of my summer bucket list with a morning run on the beach.

Beautiful four miles of the best view in Florida.

And an unexpected ice bath.  This pool was freezing.

No trip to the beach is complete with out a stop at Candy Kitchen.  We waited in line, we loaded up on salt water taffy, and we watched our cones melt the second we stepped into the lovely Florida humidity.  Yum.

The beach was littered with hundreds of rose petals from weddings of the night before.  
We got home with two more days of weekend which was so nice.  The sun makes you tired and running made my back hurt (I make bad decisions pretty regularly).

I heard juicing makes your ailments go away (not true) so I peeled four limes and half of a navel orange and mixed a small bottle of club soda in with half a pack of stevia.  My best creation so far.  It was delicious even if my back still feels all wrong.

Another item was checked off of my summer bucket list.  We made our own barbecue sauce!  We both love vinegar based sauces and we loved this recipe.  If we were to make it again, we'd add less red pepper flakes and a smidge less pepper but it was so easy to make and a lot less sugar and salt than what I usually buy which is full of corn syrup.

Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce:

three finely chopped garlic cloves
one cup of yellow mustard
quarter cup of ketchup
one tablespoon of chili powder
one teaspoon of dry mustard
one tablespoon of pepper
two teaspoons of red chili flakes
one cup of water
three tablespoons of turbinado sugar
one tablespoon of liquid aminos 
two teaspoons of onion powder

Saute garlic in some oil on medium low heat for about a minute.  Add remaining ingredients and stir to combine.  Turn heat to low and simmer sauce for thirty minutes stirring frequently.

  I used organic ketchup and mustard for this sauce which is my favorite.  Ketchup is one of the only products I buy organic that tastes completely different than regular ole' ketchup.  Try it soon, it is probably on sale from the Fourth of July still.  We stocked up. 

So delicious.

We had extra veggies from last week's grocery trip so I grilled them after church.  Matt had some ribs from take out leftovers and he didn't like the sauce on the meat as much as the sauce it came with but we both thought that it was excellent on the grilled veggies.  It is also a very good dip on raw baby carrots.  So there's that.  



Another summer pastime is hanging out on the porch.  Sunday labradoodle watching is my favorite.  He could spend hours hunting lizards.

Last week for around $43 we had... kale salad, grilled veggie salads, roasted poblano chili, Thai eggplant stir fry, and spicy arrabiata chickpeas over zucchini noodles.  A break from curries:)

Up on the menu for this week are.....

-Indian Sloppy Joes
-Beet Burger (maybe....there is a beet burger at Cheesecake Factory and it is the best thing I've ever tried so I'm not sure I want to mess with perfection)
-Fresh tomato sauce with spaghetti squash
-Portabello Steak and potatoes

Getting back to normal after a long holiday weekend is tough but hopefully you juiced some kale this morning and are feeling like a superhero.


  1. Have you tried ThermaCare heat things on your back? They stick on and stay warm for 8-10 hours. I think they really work. They are kind of expensive but worth the price. I usually buy mine at Sams Club, but they are available at any grocery or pharmacy.

    1. Barb- I haven't! I think you are very smart though and I will send Matt out to get one. Is there a rule about what to do for the back...regarding temp? Hot or cold?