Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Florida Fourth

The last dinner from this week's grocery bounty was pretty spectacular.  We had a pretty solid week of good meals.  Last night was Zucchini "noodles" with Arrabiata Chickpeas.  Super super spicy but amazing flavor.  (I used this recipe)  I didn't measure any of the spices and I ended up adding the rest of our Chili Garlic sauce instead of just chili sauce.  More garlic is better right?  

We are sharing a condo with some friends and they feasted on other stuff I don't have to dwell on.  But my meal could have fed two if Matt hadn't been woo-ed by tilapia.  Poor little fishes.

  I almost crossed of three things off of my Summer Bucket list yesterday. 

-Fireworks on the beach
-Cigar City Brewery Tour
-Lutz 5K

Sadly, I decided that spinning would be the lesser of two evils for my back (please don't tell my mom) and went to the Independence Day ride bright and early instead.  I thought about driving North and registering last minute and just take it easy for the run but I was tired after four straight days of spin. 

Granted, 11:15am is not the perfect time for beer but we suffered through it.

If you don't have closed toe shoes on for the tour of the brewery, they give you these sweet ones. 


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