Friday, July 19, 2013

Healing through food and Netflix

This week flew by.  And we didn't have anything really exciting going on but man, it's Friday.  That means tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep until the blissful hour of 7:30am.

The building I work in had ice cream in the lobby yesterday......chocolate dipped bananas as an afternoon treat?  Yes please thank you.

I made chana masala last night and while I thought I gave it my best effort, it was eh.  This might be a staple best enjoyed in the hands of professionals.  I used this recipe.  I used the spiced in the recipe exactly but didn't use a pressure cooker.  It was kind of bland after a half hour of simmering so I doubled the spices and then it turned bitter.  I added some sweetener which tamed the bitter aftertaste after what I'm assuming was the extra garam masala but who knows.  It was okay. 

I loves spices.  Turmeric, chili powder, coriander, garam colorful.  

This combination is usually really delicious but something happened.

I forgot to blog about another dinner we had this week from my grocery eyed peas southern salad.  I wish I had more leftovers of that, it was awesome.  I used this recipe for the bean mixture and then put about a cup over some lettuce.  I made some BBQ vinaigrette for Matt's salad (BBQ sauce, apple cider vinegar, sugar, ranch dressing).

Which brings us to about $40 for the four meals + amazing dragonfruit + lunches for four days + fruit to juice even though I didn't juice.  

Update on back pain....last night during our walk I noticed I hadn't focused at all on my back that day (normally I adjust the way I walk, get up from my desk, sit, etc.) and didn't have to.  So I'm hoping it's healing and getting better.  With ABSOLUTELY no exercise this week, I feel kind of sluggish but I guess it is working.  I am going to get back to spin classes next week and try two more weeks of no running.  So I'll probably be winded very quickly once I get back into it.  But that's okay.

With no running plans or classes in my evenings we've had lots of time to watch Emmy winning shows on Netflix.  We just finished Mad Men (which should explain the random cocktails....I tried my hand at a whiskey sour last night and it was awesome, yes, this should really help my running fitness) and last night we started American Horror Story.  So basically I spent three episodes looking like this.

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 I can't handle it.  So so so so so scary.  But Connie Britton is magical.  Her hair just trumps all other hair.

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