Monday, July 22, 2013

Barbeque sauce #2 and a profound "nearing 30" discovery.

This morning I realized I really like my job. 

When I was teaching, I worked with some of the greatest people I know (still know), I had some of the best kids to teach, and I worked at an awesome school but Monday would approach and it was devastating.  We called it the "Sunday Blues". 

Last night I wasn't upset about what Monday was to bring....I am so blessed.  I think I like what I do.  I've never really loved what I did for my job and while my job isn't something super exciting and nothing I've ever been passionate about (corporate real estate/property management) I like working where I work.  (I'm still with FCA but the students aren't in school so there isn't much to do.  I've been meeting with some girls over the summer getting them started on a coffee habit early in life.  Role model.)
This is the week I stop lazin' around and get back to producing endorphins.  Being lazy is a very easy habit to get into.  Good thing I have a friend that shows me how it's done.

She just started Pure Barre classes.  Laughing at a friend's pain is not kind Rachel.

Liz is my spin bud and she goes like everyday.  I went everyday one week and I ended up with a disc deteriorating<-- coincidence?  Probably not.

I'm kind of happy for my doctor ordered run vacation.  It is so hot.  And I hated the treadmill anyway. Next month I start training for my marathon (my half is first so it will be a slow build).

Friday night we went to a friend's birthday party which was "Stache" themed.  It was so fun and the beautiful hostess did an amazing job.  She was so thoughtful to make me some veggie burgers from scratch as well.  I could have died and gone to party guest heaven.

Where does one even find mustache plates?
I mean, really?

We wore these sweet candy staches to the party.  My upper lip tasted like grape the whole night.
Probably not interesting to anyone but me but I have a new meal plan for the week and I'm excited.  I didn't even pin one dang thing.  Food kind of makes me so happy. 
Lentil Taco Bowls
BBQ Chick Pea salads
Grilled Veggie Kebabs
Hummus Wraps
Margarita Pizza (cheese for Matt, splurgin' up in here)
I spent $40 for all of the ingredients (that includes the fresh mozzarella and organic free range eggs, both of which are way more expensive than the foods I regularly buy- I'll have to dedicate a post to my thoughts on eggs, we've been buying them a lot lately for various things and I'm shocked at the price difference between regular eggs and the groovy kind.  It should clue you into how they make regular eggs so cheap when compared to the cost of eggs from chicken farms that take care of their animals).

Speaking of chicks, last night we had BBQ Chick Pea Salads. 

I roasted about a cup and a half of chick peas with some garlic, onion, and paprika for 20 minutes.  When they were roasted on top but still soft I tossed them with BBQ sauce.  

Fresh corn right off the cob, this was the perfect summer salad and Matt said it was better than BBQ pork.*

 * Matt didn't say that.

Oh man.  This BBQ sauce was so good.  I wanted to try a regular version after our mustard based sauce a couple weeks ago.  I doubled this recipe and added a can of tomato paste (to amp up the tomato content- they make you beautiful after all).  I also subbed two of the tablespoons of sugar for molasses.  Such a great sauce, and took maybe 3 minutes to throw together. 

I have a wish for everyone.  I hope at some point in your life one of your friends buys a house that needs a lot of demo.  And I hope they invite you over to "help".  It was a blast.

Welcome to the gun show.  Amy boxes and probably tears things apart on the daily.

When we got to the house, this was fully functioning kitchen.  4 hours later, it was this.

Let's not judge anyone here, but these were too good.  Or maybe I just like sugar too much.  Or maybe I just worked so hard taking pictures of other people working that I felt like I deserved this little can of artificially flavored/sugar/and probably malted beverage. 

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