Monday, July 15, 2013

I swear I'm not a liar but nothing is wrong.

We had some very amazing friends come stay with us this weekend and I am just bursting with so many warm fuzzies after all of the QT we had hanging out, trying good beers, eating good food, going to church, and overall good times.  I'm kind of a loner.  But friendship is a good thing.

And I needed some good things.  Not because my life isn't undeservedly rich, but because I think I am going crazy.  I've been talking about these back issues for 4 weeks now.  I will admit, I was looking forward to hearing what the doctor said about my x-rays because I wanted to know which vertebrae I'd cracked.

No deal.

I'm fine.  Like almost totally fine.  My phantom pain is a figment of my imagination.  At least that is what the x-ray said.  I don't really want to talk about it.  But I hope I can redeem myself.

He DID say that I have some disc degeneration in my lower back between two vertebrae which is kind of alarming  because I'm not old enough for that to happen but he said that comes early in runners.  And I barely qualify as a runner so I have no idea why my discs are trying to vacate my body. I haven't processed a life with less running yet though.  I have so many races left to run this year, so I may start to wind down after my marathon and obvious Boston Qualifying time.  (you can laugh at that, it's okay)

I'll be spinning my little heart out for a month until I try to run again though. 

 While our plans for Rainbow River were scraped for another weekend because of the weather, we did plenty of relaxing and enjoying Tampa.  Lots of porch sitting, some shopping, and game playing.....

Nitro Hornsboggled.....I think.  I am pretty sure I mess up the name every time but I'll be so sad when they run out.  It has replaced Tocaboga as my #1 CCB beer.

I finally got my Moscow Mule.  Mmmmmm.  I juiced 5 key limes, mixed with about 2 ounces of vodka, poured that over ice and filled to the top with ginger ale (that recipe made two).  Refreshing even though it wasn't the most authentic recipe.  Drinking out of copper mugs in the summer doesn't seem right anyway.

We were going to go out for brunch but since Matt and I have NEVER gone out to brunch in Tampa, and didn't know any good spots, we roughed it at home.  If you know of a good brunch spot, let me know, then try to convince Matt to get up in time for it.  I want some brunch.

Our house is going to smell of maple bacon for-ev-er.

We also hit up a pretty amazing salvage store that's been around forever and never been.  Well it was even cooler than I thought it would be.  Schiller's Architectural Design & Salvage is where it is at.

We always like to showcase our incredible hood so we brought them to Southern Wine and Brewing for some game playing and flights.  We also visited The Refinery for some fancy food.  I had fried okra and some grilled squash but the rest of the table sampled headcheese, duck hearts, beef liver, and tongue.

We really know how to have a good time.

 If this sounds good to you, sorry Charlie because their menu changes every week so by the time you get there there won't be any beef tongue left for you.  But there will probably be other crazy stuff to try so you should go anyway. 

Southern Brewing doesn't make me swoon like Cigar City but their tasting room is a LOT quieter, their beers are still good and no one minds when we play geeky games while drinking. 

You know, just some pituitary gland to satisfy your hunger.  Barf.


  1. Obvious brunch answer is Datz. Oystercatchers if you're feeling like you're made of money. There's also an amazing brunch at (of all places) the Hardrock Casino in their upstairs restaurant called Fresh Harvest - this I HIGHLY recommend. It's only like $20/person of $15/person if you're part of the players club and their selection is out of control.

  2. Lindsay- you rock.

    -Datz was pretty obvious. I'm embarrassed now.
    -So Oystercatchers is the brunch of champions and also millionaires. We used to go there when I lived with my parents but they've caught on now that I arrive at their doorstep as they are leaving to go. It stopped being cute when I turned 25.

    -I am intriqued by the casino option...I went last month and LOVED Hardrock, it is the best people watching destination in Florida.