Friday, August 30, 2013

Draft Night

Football season has begun.  Normally, I have never been one to care or devote any thought to this time of year other than googling "what does a vegan eat at a superbowl party?" but this year, I'm all-in.  I spent all day Thursday, borderline sick, worrying about our draft party that was to come.  The night to choose my players, exhibit my research, trash talk my way into the upper realms of man-dom, which in, this case, is my husband's fantasy football league. 
If this photo doesn't cement my place in the party girl hall of fame, I mean, really?  What will it take?
I mean really, the only reason I'm doing this was because he promised to start running but it's become something I look forward to (save for yesterday, I was no nervous I thought I might throw up).  Cheers to a great season! 

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