Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's marathon season.

I haven't run in over a month.  Realizing that, when choosing my training plan for my half marathon in November I first chose Intermediate but we'll see how that goes when I start, I may change it to novice.  In twelve weeks they take you to the same place so why worry about pace and speed training.  Silliness. 

So on Monday, I start my first day.  This week I've been walking about 4 miles in hopes that walking will magically turn into running fitness that can reboot itself.  Let me know when I've earned my physical training degree. 

Instead of one of the short runs once a week, I'll be incorporating some cross training, one because I like spin class, and it's more social than running which is very comfortable for my introverted self. 

I am so excited, I love running and I definitely feel different when I don't have that outlet to relieve stress.  Cheers to a less grumpy few months!!

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