Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sometimes I do miss teaching.

Watching the news this morning makes me wish I taught eighth graders again.  13 years olds never recieve much respect but it was always very enlightening explaining current events to them and have them discuss what the government should do.  And they don't drive yet so they couldn't care less how much a barrel of oil costs.

I had about thirty minutes to spare yesterday and took Luke to our church parking lot to play.  It started raining almost as we got there but he couldn't wait to run around.  While I threw his ball out from under the canopy of a tree, he was happy to run around in the rain. 

And waiting for me when I got home.  Too much joy came from seeing this box at my door step. 

I didn't have time to run yesterday so I'm trading my rest days --which is a joke, nothing about yesterday felt very rest-like. 

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