Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day for dogs is a good day.

I love to celebrate.  And this year more "National Day of ...." seems to be more popular which is fine with me.  I'll celebrate Fro-Yo Day, Peanut Butter Day, Hot Dog Day would be a sad day for pretty much all animals but I just like to celebrate.  Yesterday was a day for dogs.  And I love dogs. 

My little Luke got some ice cream to ring in his special day. 

After the gym (yesterday was strength training and yoga) I went to my parents for my mom's food (and their company).  Bless. Her.  How she reads minds and knew I wanted some Mexican food blows my mind. I love this corn salsa so much.  She sent me home with a big tub of it which I plan on using on everything I eat until it runs out. 

And a burrito bar.  This was one of our family's staples when we were growing up and it never gets old. 

And another reminder of home.  Koozis.  We never use them in our house but a beer must not go koozi-less at my parents house. 

My long runs went well last weekend, I have a short and speedy run this afternoon and overall, I feel really good about my running of late.  It is slow and it is hot but I'm so happy to be gaining back some fitness from my break.  I am supposed to do a 5K this weekend but I'm celebrating a friends ending batchelorette-hood status all weekend at the beach so I may just repeat last weekend's long run.  Or sleep in.  We'll see.

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