Friday, March 22, 2013

On being fancy.

Usually I don't post what I eat because most people would gag (hey Brussels sprouts are awesome) and it's boring because I can eat the same thing everyday and never get bored.  When Matt is home I actually meal plan and make things that involve the stove, curry, and sometimes even the oven if I'm feeling fancy.  But I had an actual lunch yesterday and felt really cool about it. 

A salad may not seem that exciting but it involved more than two ingredients (veggies and Sriracha) so it actually is. 

For the dressing I put some balsamic vinegar in an old jar with some stevia, garlic powder, pepper, two packets of mustard, and a teaspoon of vanilla.  Nothing says fancy like packets of mustard in the recipe for dressing.  Most of the salad base was spinach but I had some leftover spring mix that made it more colorful.  Those strawberries were mainly for looks because they didn't have much flavor- I made the mistake of buying Florida strawberries instead of California ones, womp womp.  Thanks Publix for pulling a switcharoo on me.  I'm sorry to hate so much on local produce, why can't we get our berries to taste like they are from the Great West and grown in sugary soil?
I've committed some Southern crimes....I've dissed Publix and our produce, next I'll say I hate Chick-Fil-A and toe socks.  Watch out Lindsay Lohan.

I'm contemplating going to a boxing class tonight.  I'm feeling some aggression building up and kind of want to hit and kick stuff for an hour.  It's probably just a need for some cuddling though.  If the love of your life isn't into cuddling that much you should get a Labradoodle.  I was just minding my own business on the couch when I was cuddle attacked.  There was no room for him where he chose to squeeze into and he just propped himself up and reclined next to me.  This happens EVERYDAY and it's awesome.  Dogs are the best. 

I know the weather is supposed to be kind of crappy this weekend but if anyone wants to go to spin with me tomorrow morning I'd be so down.  I need a friend to walk me down that aisle or I won't go.   

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