Monday, August 26, 2013

A Night is Redeemed.

Life got very busy last week and I needed a break from writing.  My church's house church started back which makes my heart so happy.  Also, our church is studying Genesis on Sunday's and if you want to hear a message about Cain and Abel (yay?) with a surprising twist about identity, our church uploads all sermons online at the link below.  One of my favorite sermons so far. 

Hidden Sin-Sunday, August 25th

My dear friend Noelle and I got to meet up with Matt in Orlando when the band came through.  Bittersweet having to drive home after it was over, I miss going from city to city, but I don't play an instrument very well at all and don't have once ounce of the swagger these gentlemen do. 

I've been ending each evening when I can with a walk with Luke.  It had been a tad breezy which is a brilliant reprieve from the heavy heat wave we've had.  Wild Friday evening indeed.

Since Matt has been gone, eating at my house had been pretty sad.  I finally went grocery shopping for real food and not something prepackaged.  Roasted Brussels Sprouts are one of my favorite foods, and while I'm sure they are mighty fine with butter and bacon (like most restaurants prepare them) these were so delicious with just garlic, salt, and pepper. 

I get together with friends to watch Breaking Bad each Sunday and the guys were busy playing drums when it started so we turned on the MTV VMAs to try and see if NSYNC was was on in the meantime.  Unfortunately for us, Miley Cyrus was on and good grief it was awful.  So thankful that the night was redeemed by the best show on television.  How is it possible that every episode turns out to be the best episode?

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