Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The only way I want to end a run ever again.

Thanks to all for the amazing-ness of yesterday.  We are so blessed by your excitement for Matt and overwhelmed in thankfulness for you all.
 I got to celebrate with some friends at the Indie in Seminole Heights and it was a good day.  Cheers to Matt from many many miles away.  It was also birthday night for our house church and it was an all around night of celebrating.

August has been busy so far.  Only three days into my marathon training and I've found another passion.  Not really a passion as much as a growing obsession.  My Fantasy Football league.  It took about one hour into research for my often secluded type A to kick in.  My excel workbook is not comprehending it's sudden growing files dedicated to my roster and our draft night.  And I know nothing about football.  NADA.  Here's what I know about football.  I like to eat guacamole while it is on TV, sometimes it is fun to spice it up with mexican layer dip.  The only part of Bucs games I like are tailgating and shamelessly drink lime-a-ritas.   Cool!  So basically I'm far from an expert but it is fun and I'm enjoying the smack talk a little too much. 
Luke and I ran two hot and steamy (literally, it had just rained and the street was steaming) miles followed by a swim in my parents pool.  And my mom made me curry.  It was the best.  I never want to run again if it isn't followed by a pool and a homemade dinner.  So spoiled.
Luke doesn't like curry.  But he does like grass.  A lot.  Like a little goat.

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